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Wedding photography is a huge part of my life, being witness to such incredible moments of love. Leading up to the big day you will spend so many hours carefully going over every little detail, yet it’s over in a flash. Using my unique approach as a photographer, I have a viewpoint that frames every moment for you to look back on for years to come. I want to see you as a friend rather than a client, I want to hear how you first met, what you love about each other, your future plans, every little detail goes into the final photograph on your wedding day.

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On your wedding day, you will find me telling jokes with the bridesmaids, climbing in crazy places for that creative angle, catching the moment your father is overwhelmed with emotion or the time your future husband sees you taking those final steps into marriage. I will make friends with your guests and throw some dance moves down on the dance floor. As a wedding photographer I love to become part of the day and witness everything through my camera.

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In the past year I have photographed destination weddings all over the world, including travelling throughout the UK. I call myself the Lincolnshire wedding photographer because my base will always be Lincolnshire, but my wedding photography journeys have taken me around Europe and even as far afield as Australia.  No matter where you are holding your ceremony, whether in the UK or abroad,  my camera and I can record the memories which will last a lifetime. You can read more about my story here.

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As a wedding photographer I feel my blog is the best way to showcase my work.  I feel a personal attachment to every single wedding, take your time and have a read through their wonderful wedding stories.