Hey, thanks for reading my blog! As part of my blog in 2017, I am going to offer brides advice from a wedding photographers point of view, my view. I’ve put a lot of thought into what you might be looking for and in my first post I wanted to give a few pointers in getting the most from your bridal preparation photos.

Looking for the light on your wedding day

Light is your best friend when it comes to making your wedding photographs look as perfect as they can be.

bride in font of mirror lincolnshire wedding photographer

In Lincolnshire, we are blessed with the gorgeous northern sunlight that flows down from the skies above – only joking, we spend most our year hiding behind a lovely cloud covering! No matter the weather, there will always be a source of natural light and this is generally a window. When picking where to have your makeup done or getting into your beautiful dress, pick a nice open and light space. Have a look through the house and find where would be best. Most commonly in front of the living room main window is best, the conservatory or maybe in front of the bedroom window?

A great tip – make a fist with your hand and hold it up, which side is the lightest? Follow that direction and you will find your source of light!

You should be facing this direction when having your makeup done and getting into your dress. Not only will this make for better photos, but it will help your makeup artist have a more accurate representation of how your makeup will look.

Using window light, will provide a nice diffused source of light – making for much more flattering photographs. The main problem with artificial lights such as your main room light, is that it deepens the contours of your face with shadows – in some situations this can be a disaster! I do have flashes and lights to compensate for this, but every chance I get I will always look for the natural light as it cannot be beaten!

brides face lincolnshire wedding bridal prep
Example of the perfect skin tones and colours that window light produces.

Plan with your wedding photographer

A lot of times before the wedding, I will meet with the bride at the location where they will be getting ready on the morning. I will have a look round (with their permission!) and recommend where I feel would be best to get ready. A great tip would be to send your photographer photos of the room if they can’t meet you there – they can then recommend which location would be suitable.

The basics – lets keep it clean!

One thing that might not be on your mind in the morning is how tidy everything looks. I’ve been to many rooms to find everything ranging from last nights dressing gown, to offcuts of flowers laying on the floor. Are these things you want laying in the background of your photos? I’m pretty confident in saying the answer to that question is no! Have a look around and anything you don’t want in the background of your wedding photos just put it aside – maybe in the cupboard, in another room, or back where it belongs! For my own wedding day we took everything into another room – some of it is still there!

helena and bridesmaids lincolnshire bridal preparations
Helena had a gorgeous white room for her bridal preparations

Clutter free bridal preparation

Let’s say you are getting ready in your front room – but you usually have your salt and pepper shakers in the middle of the table – this is something that could be put away beforehand. Take 5 minutes, step back and look around . What would make things as simple as possible in the photographs, so that the focus is on you?

bride wedding shoesCleaning on the extreme level

I had a bride last year that took it to the next step and made sure everything had a fresh coat of paint – she even had new carpets fitted. Although this isn’t recommended, that attention to detail meant she had perfect photos. It makes my job easier when you tell me that you’ve ensured there are no cobwebs in the background!

Lastly, assign someone to help

You will have bridesmaids that are in the house or hotel, waiting to have their hair done. Assign them the job of making sure everything is tidy and cleared away. Make a checklist for them to look out for? Or, ask them to make sure that they’re always on the look out for rogue packaging, hair grips and any little ones! The most common thing I see left out, is empty glasses or plates from breakfast – these things could be taken away in a couple of seconds.

I do hope this gives you food for thought and leaves you with crisp and clutter free photographs of your special day.