I take a lot of pride in offering wedding photography packages that come with no time limit. This means I stay way past the first dance, get on the dancefloor and party with you – that’s what weddings are all about – the epic party! You might think this is absolutely nuts, but that’s exactly what it is – I love to party and have as much fun as you do. How else would I capture those hilarious photos you will look back on after the wedding and have you crying with laughter?

Wedding photography that captures your personality

When I first became a photographer – a little over 12 years ago now, one thing I spent my time focusing on was the technical ability. I wanted to take the perfect photo and presumed it was all about mastering the camera and getting those perfect settings – how wrong I was! I have come to realise the key to taking an incredible photo, is understanding what is happening on the other side of the lens. Interacting with your subjects, understanding them, what brings them together and more importantly asking, are they relaxed and comfortable around you?

Who would have thought, the key was to get up and party

That’s exactly what it was, not being afraid to get up there and get involved. You find the moment the guests see you pulling some amazing shapes on the dancefloor (I have some seriously good moves…) and they will join in. I’m not afraid to embarrass myself and they shouldn’t be either.

Going forward in 2017, I’m going to start producing collections to showcase some of the amazing photographs I have captured throughout the weddings this year.

Featured in this post are a small selection of photos from Steve & Alex’s wedding, they left me a lovely testimonial on my facebook and I would love to share it with you.

Wanted to say thanks for everything. You really understand your clients needs and expectations. You helped us so much you were part of the wedding party. You drew on experience from other weddings and knowledge to guide us through the day.

-Steve & Alex, Chateau Soulac

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