I met with Kay and David on numerous occasions before their wedding, as Kay wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. I admired her attention to detail and it soon became evident this day meant the world to her. I remember one particular meeting we sat down and discussed confetti for almost half an hour – which wedding photographer would talk about confetti for this long? Attention to detail heaven! Kay was making it all herself, by collecting and drying out petals from her garden – she told me the story of each plant and the deep connection to the wedding, these were details I will remember for a long time.

Wedding details are incredibly important

On the wedding day itself I had no schedule to work to – I just told Kay to have complete faith in me, I will come join in the preparations (help out if needed) and capture everything that was going on. All morning we spent walking back and forth between the house, church and walled garden – all within a few steps of David and Kay’s doorstep. There are not many wedding venues in Lincolnshire that offer such a unique experience.

In the first half of their wedding you can see all the tiny details Kay and David had made themselves – my particular favourite was the little personalised jam jars that Kay made herself. I was allowed to take a few home for toast – Sam, the wife, absolutely adored it.

Thoughout the wedding, it was obvious these two were made for each other. I can remember in the church watching Kay walking down the aisle and seeing David at the alter for the first time – she almost broke down in tears trying to hold it together. These were tears of sheer overwhelming joy.

Two people made for each other

My favourite part of the day was how relaxed everything was – Kay had been lucky enough to have local friends in the village running the bar for them, this little personal touch meant there were very little outside vendors involved. It really was their little secret wedding within the walled gardens.