Earlier last year I gave Sue the idea that I could travel and photograph her wedding on Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik. This was something she hadn’t even presumed was possible, but the advantages were way in her favor and before I knew it we had everything planned.

A wedding among the Peacocks and Palm trees

Dubrovnik is an absolutely incredible city, I’ve traveled quite a few places but this one will always have those special memories for me. Sue had detailed their previous holidays there and how it held a very personal connection for her and Dave, a few days before they took Me and Chris (my second shooter) on a quick tour, telling us exactly why they love it so much. Riding the waves we took a boat over to the Island where we spent the day swimming in the hidden lagoon and chasing the peacocks, Sue had chosen a place between the palm trees to get married – over a quick drink we discussed the plans for the day. Imagine this – the sea breeze blowing through, hearing the palm fronds rustling and the occasional Peacock, that was quite possibly one of the best meetings I have ever had. It was one of those moments you sit back and take it all in.

A destination wedding photographers dream

On the wedding day the weather was absolutely beautiful – I dont think it could get any better, at one point it reached 37 degrees! I had carried a water bottle with me to keep hydrated, the sun got so intense that it melted a hole through the side. Sue was simply stunning, walking through Dubrovnik she was radiant among the crowds of people – you could see she was in her element. My favourite part of the day was having the chance to unwind and explore the streets with Dave & Sue, taking photos in all the places that symbolised their trips to Dubrovnik – then making it back to Hotel Lapad for them to be showered in confetti by their awaiting guests.