The one thing I love most about weddings, are the moments you will remember forever. Vincent and Claudia’s wedding at The Old Kent Barn had a fair share of those. I truly felt like a member of their family – even being extremely lucky to have a place on the tables with the guests.

I always strive to capture emotion as I feel it is key to telling the story. I want to understand what makes you who you are, your personality, but most importantly I want to frame that bond you and your partner have for each other. There was no end of this at Vincent and Claudia’s wedding, emotions were running high on a level of happiness I wish could be captured forever. You could tell they were absolutely smitten with each other, a true sign of love.

Have a look at that smile before Claudia walks down the aisle – that’s a memory that will keep in my head for a long time. I was extremely proud not only to witness that, but to capture it was the icing on the cake.

The Old Kent Barn

Set in beautiful landscaped gardens, The Old Kent Barn offers one of the most beautiful outdoor ceremonies I have come across in the Uk. I may be slightly biased as Wisteria is one of my favourite flowers, but the walk down the aisle takes your breath away. The cherries on the top are the staff, some of the politest people – I felt welcomed with everyone I met.

Later on, I’m going to release a set of photos from the night party, I absolutely cannot wait to share those with you. Set in the extremely large oak barn the party went late on into the night.

If you’re getting married yourselves and looking for a wedding photographer, don’t hesitate to get in touch , I would love to hear all about your plans.

Vince and Claudia's wedding at the old kent barn overlooking the wedding ceremony locationClaudia carrying the wedding dress into the barn at the old kent barn.Wedding dress hanging on the wall at the old kent barnClaudias wedding shoes on the chair catching window lightClaudia crying during bridal prep at the old kent barnClaudia having her makeup done at the old kent barnBride looking out the window at the old kent barnGroom arriving at the old kent barnWedding flowers sat on a chair lit by the windowGroomsmen just before the ceremonyWedding ring - held by the best manVincent and his groomsmenBride arriving at old kent barnBride crying with joy at her weddingWalking down the Aisle at the old kent barnbride and groom getting married at the old kent barnBride and groom sharing the first kiss at the old kent barnBride and groom portraits at the old kent barnbride and groom in front of the lake at the old kent barnBride portrait under the arch at the old kent barnClaudia the bride at the old kent barnClaudia in black and white at the old kent barnBride and groom in the gardens at the old kent barnVincent and Claudia at the old kent barn