Wedding season has truly started for me. What better way to start it with an awesome engagement shoot?

Whilst over in Bali on their travels, Dan messaged me his and Zara’s plans for their engagement shoot and told me they had the smoke bombs and paint on order. I think it was this moment that I got very excited, very quickly! I love all photoshoots, but this one was so different to what I’ve experienced before. I always rise to the challenge and this was no exception. Time to get creative and have fun!

On the day they were absolutely amazing, we chose a secret spot that Zara had been photographed at previously (recommended by an excellent local photographer Aaron). Whilst doing the paint photos, the wind managed to cover me in paint – which took me absolutely ages to get out my bag afterwards. Afterwards I had discussed with Zara and Dan over food how I wanted to do a photoshoot at someones home and they suggested we go back to theirs and do it. Knowing how much I LOVE white rooms, their room was a photographers heaven, I should have expected this from such a creative couple.

Zara and Dan left me this amazing testimonial shortly after the photo shoot.

“Earlier in the year we chose Aden as our wedding photographer. We have just received the photos back today for the engagement shoot and words cannot explain how amazing they are! Being a photographer myself and knowing what its like to be on the other side of the camera this guy hands down is amazing! The laid back relaxed approach makes it so easy to just be yourself which creates the best photos. We cannot wait for our wedding and highly recommend Aden! My partner and I are over the moon and some. Thank you dude, you out did yourself! Mucho gracias amigo!!!!”

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